Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What are atomizers?

Ok so I am writing my first post on ecigs to explain something that may seem extremely simple to anybody who is knowledgeable even slightly about electronic cigarettes. The thing is that atomizers used with ecigarettes are not self explanatory and this component is what I get asked about most when I am out and about with my device. People just find it hard to fathom that there is an odourless vapour coming out of my mouth and wonder exactly how it has been produced without fire. Any person that has a slight technical knowledge still needs the basic operations explained if they are going to understand how ecigs work.
So the basic definition of an atomiser is that it is a heating element that works by connecting to a battery to heat up a liquid compound enough to turn it into vapour.  

The liquid does not burn which means that the vapour that is produced is less harsh than that of a tobacco cigarette which uses fire to literally burn the dried leaves. The liquid itself is made from a mix of Propylene Glycol and vegetable glycerine. Sometimes nicotine is added to the solution for personal use, other times there is no nicotine depending on user preference. The atomizer has arguably the most important function in the electronic cigarette device as it is made to heat the liquid at a precise temperature so that it does not burn or ignite the juice in any way. There are a few kinds of atomisers that can be used, depending on the ecig device that you have.

Different types of electronic cigarette atomizers

LR Atty
Ego T Atomizer

To confuse the matter for first time users, there are a few different types of attys that can be used for different purposes and kits. I will briefly go into those that I know about, feel free to comment about others below that I have not mentioned.
  • -          Standard 510 Atomisers : Like the name suggests, these attys are used for 510 models and also work with standard ego models. The screw in component fits any 510 compatible device and has a standard heating ability.
  • -          510 T Atomisers: Again, the name suggests what this atty is all about, compatible with the 510 T model electronic cigarette. This is different to the standard 510 atomizer as it has a long wick that works by puncturing the 510 T tank cartridge so that the juice can be emitted into the atty slowly so it can heat it up. This model is a step up from the standard 510 system, yet the functionality remains unchanged.
  • -          Ego T Atomizers: An eGo T atomiser works with the eGo T system. Like the 510 (but not the same) the atty works by penetrating the ego T cartridge to allow the juice to be heated by the atomizer. The eGo T atty is a larger cone shaped device that marries with the eGo T carts and battery. It is larger and more powerful than the 510 T system.
  • -          LR Atty: An LR, or Low Resistance atomiser has an element which heats the juice up at a higher temperature and produces a thicker, more solid vape. The LR is not generally recommended for the 510 as it does take a fair bit of battery power to use. It is not compatible with the 510 T or Ego T and is generally recommended for standard eGo devices.
  • -          HV Atomizers: A HV atty or High Volt atomisers produce higher volts than the standard atty’s and are generally used with a very high powered and large battery such as an indulgence model as they need the power to work at full potential. They burn the juice at a much quicker and hotter capacity than any other atomiser device.
  • -          Cartomizers: This is a whole article in itself as there are many types of cartomizers, but generally speaking they are a combination of a cartridge and an atomizer, replacing two components for one. There are standard cartomisers, dual coil and clearomizers which we will go into next blog.

Working out which system will suit you is purely trial and error. You will need to try some combos, use others and see what works best for you. The biggest thing I have learnt is that atomizers do not last forever and do have a lifespan. Luckily they will generally last a couple of months and only cost a few bucks to replace. Happy Vaping!


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